100% Custom Milled Guts
 Crazy Fast, Very Aggressive, Very Loud !

-Testimonials -

​I have to say thanks Gary! you have done it again!
I got my flamed hedge goose call today from committed calls, and WOW, this call destroys the competition, literally!
​ I can not believe the natural tone, the easy of use, the lows to highs, this is hands down the BEST call I have ever laid my lips on. I give this a 20 out of 10 ten rating!!!! I got gary's barking mallard last fall and it too excelled far beyond the competition. I take great pride in giving people credit where credit is due!

​​If you don't own a single committed call, duck or goose, then you have no idea what your missing...... I am 30 years old, have been fowling since I was 5, and I fully endorse and recommend Gary's committed custom calls to anyone, novice or pro..... Thanks again Gary, Can't say enough about your product and your customer service.....A1 Hope to deal with you again buddy, really appreciate it.....
-Derrek. Ontario Canada
-- Cut Down Canada Goose Call --
This call was put through the rigors for 100+ days while guiding and traveling the Mississippi and Central Flyways during the 2011-2012 season and has proven its keep to be added to the CCC stable of calls. The New 2014 Cutdown Goose Call in Acrylic is based off the Committed Custom Calls Hedge Wood calls, but now utilizing a high performance reed and custom milled guts. These guts were milled off Gary's best set of guts he had ever made by hand.

This is a short stubby call and the insert has been cut down, bored out, & tweaked taking the intense volume, speed, and sharpness of this call to a whole new level ! This call can flat out scream and gets crazy fast ! Perfect for pulling stubborn geese that otherwise you don't have a chance at getting with regular calls. It is also an eye catcher on any lanyard.

​​​If you are a guide or serious hunter you know how important volume is when you are hunting wide open corn fields in the fall and winter , hunting near and against competition, or pulling migrators from the stratosphere. A great call for tiny lessors, cacklers, and especially giant honkers. See what you've been missing !

 Available in Ivory Acrylic & Black Acrylic ​​
I purchased an Original Canada Hedge goose call from Gary recently because I got tired of watching geese fly over my blind day in and day out during duck season. Having never run a goose call I decided to go right to the place where I found the only duck call I'll ever need. I know what Gary can produce when it comes to building duck calls and that's birds on the strap. So I had complete confidence when going to him for a goose call. I received the call in the mail and popped in an instructional DVD on goose calling, in FIFTEEN minutes I decided to text Gary a sound file, as he sends business cards with his personal cell phone number to help tackle any issue's. I thought my clucks and honks sounded pretty good for an absolute novice but I even surprised him with what I sent. His call made it that simple!!! I could only smile and shake my head as once again I've got another winner on my lanyard to match his duck calls and a new addiction to feed. This call takes next to nothing to run and sounds great even in the most inexperienced hands. Gary, your craftsmanship is unmatched and customer service is second to none.

-- Weston Dausmann -- Another Happy CCC Customer From Missouri